New Year’s Eve Consultation for Foreigners in Trouble 2022

During the New Year’s holidays when most people spend time at home, there are people in our communities enduring cold weather and have lost their jobs and livelihoods due to covid crisis.
GCI is holding consultation sessions on New Year’s Eve, when local governments and other public institutions are closed, for foreigners in trouble who face the risk of income decrease, losing a residency, and facing language barriers in order to support them to welcome the new year with a little bit of hope.
At the same time as offering consultations for foreign residents who need help, we also provide multilingual consultations about daily life in Japan, employment support for foreigners to rebuild a life for the future and provide food so that they can welcome the New Year without losing hope even during the cold season.

・Date and time
 December 31, 2022

   3F, 1-20-6 Higashi-Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo

●Multilingual consultation for foreign residents in need
 (if necessary, we can connect you to other organizations such as law firms)
●Consultation sessions by female counselors for female clients
●Employment support for unemployed foreigners
●Food banks/Food drives
 *only enough for one day, to end as soon as stock runs out

・How to make an appointment
  *If you wish to speak in a non-English language, please make a reservation in advance
in order to arrange for interpreters

・How to use the service
 Consultation is up to 30 minutes due to covid restrictions
 (In addition, please agree to and cooperate with our anti-infection measures.)
 *Also, depending on the number of participants, you may have to wait on the first floor of
the building until your appointment.

・Provided by
Global Community Interaction (NPO)




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