Interpretation Services

〜Realizing a society respected as a person〜

Living support by GCI interpreter

GCI dispatches an interpreter without charge for daily routine occasions in immigrants and inhabitants who are not familiar with Japanese, and supports living by “words”.

Main activity areas

· Law: Local government office, Immigration office, Police station, Court etc
· Medical welfare: hospitals, nursing home care facilities, welfare offices, training institutes etc.
· Education · Child care: Schools, nursery schools, public health centers etc.
· Emergency assistance: evacuation centers, disaster centers, neighborhoods affected by disaster etc.
· Working (labor): job hunting, procedures at entry time, unpaid wages, dismissal etc

Supported person

· Foreigners living in Japan, returnees etc.
· Japanese who do not speak Japanese as their mother tongue
· Others who judged that GCI is necessary

Request an interpreterする場合、 通訳依頼フォーム からお申込ください。