Multilingual support

Support for Foreign Residents in Japan. We support foreign residents and returnees in Japan who may encounter difficult situations because of language problems.

Translation and Interpretation Program ;TIP

When an interpreter is requested from a client, the person in charge of dispatching interpreters will confirm the details of the request and after adjusting interpreter schedules, send an interpreter of the required language to the location in need.

Disaster and Emergency Communicator Program

GCI provides short and long term language assistance in daily lives to times of disaster.

Free Consultation for Foreigners

The GCI interpreters provide consultation for everything else in non-Japanese speakers’ lives.

Seminar for Foreign Residents

The number of foreign residents living in Tokyo is higher than any other Japanese city and this number is increasing year by year. There are a number of living and consultation support groups run by professionals for administrative purposes, however many foreign residents do not know of these support groups and it is true that these groups do not do enough for them.
GCI will hold a Seminar by a professional as a first step to solve these problems.
Seminar by a professional